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Website Design and functionality

Graphic Design

We match your singular vision with a symbol of recognition. Therefore every process is unique from company analysis to final review. Whether you simply need an attention-grabbing logo to a marketable digital identity. 

We have three packages to choose from matching your budget and your requirements.

Graph SEO


We build results-driven websites, that work. We spend time with every customer so that we can understand your business and how to establish it successfully online.

We want your website to achieve results and help you work out ways to make sure you get a return on your investment whatever service you provide.

Branding Business card


What does it take to get on the front page of Google? 

We offer plenty of advice and some hands-on services to get you to the top of as many keywords as possible because where you rank on Google can make or break a company.  My aim is to put local businesses on the map and on the front page of Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Ongoing services

Brand Strategy

Launching your brand. Getting you recognised and educating your audience about you.

Graphic Design

Our skills don't stop at logos and websites. If you need monthly newsletters, flyers or any other media.


Be seen on the biggest high street in the world. The best way to increase online traffic and generate interest.


We can manage your Adwords campaigns, so you are maximising your budget.

Social Media

For certain businesses, this is the No1 way to promote yourselves but can be hard to navigate.

Email Campaigns

Often overlooked by local businesses but this can keep you in your customer's mind week after week.

Serving South Wales

We specialise in supporting local businesses and charities.

Over 10 years experience in design and websites

We’re a Digital Marketing Agency that specialises in helping local people raise their profile. We do this through a range of modern tools and strategies for a Google and Facebook-centric world with design, websites, SEO, PPC and Social. 

I’m sure we can help your business grow as we hope to grow a partnership with you. To register for a free consultation or make some kind of purchase and get a free logo design. Make a breakthrough with Slingshot today.

We look to understand your identity, then market it in style.

Whats included in our web design packages

  • Multiple revisions - We want you to be 100% happy with your website. So we don't stop until its just as you want it
  • Responsive - Your users will have a first-class performance whatever device they are using
  • Take charge - We generally use WordPress sites (CMS) that our customers can update their own content if they'd prefer
  • Multiple Features - We can include maps, forms, galleries, shopping carts and much, much, more
  • SEO - We get your onsite SEO sorted to help with Google
  • Domain management - We can take the sting out of managing multiple domain names and their renewal free of charge
  • Email setup - We make sure you have professional email addresses set up the way you want
  • Premium hosting - Not all web hosts are equal! No one likes a slow site, so we only offer fast hosting
  • Tracking - We install and set up Google Analytics so that you can get monthly reports on the performance of your site
  • Content - For those of you unsure what to write or just too busy we offer content creation services tailored to your requirements

Pick the marketing packages for you

Every business and project is different, but I think it’s important to be upfront about pricing. 

Website Design

Landing Page

£ 100
  • If you advertise through Google Adwords or run specific marketing campaigns, landing pages can make the most of every opportunity. We offer fast, clear and functional landing pages designed to convert traffic into customers. They can also be used to add extra functionality and some flair to your existing site.

One Page Site

£ 250
  • If you just need to get your essential information online without the need for a fully functional website, this is probably your best choice. We like to call these, 'business card websites'. It's just about giving essential information to those people already interested. Recommended for groups, societies and small institutions.

Local Business Website

£ 500
  • If you want to make a mark online, then you need a proper website. Websites aren't a box to be ticked, they are the core of modern day marketing. They are capable of catapulting your business into the public eye and creating massive returns on investment. Don't just settle for pretty or cheap. Get the results that your business deserves!


Logo Design

£ 0*
  • We offer free logo design to every customer as a thank you and out of a desire to help you build your brand. We also offer redesigns and a number of drafts with branding packages.


£ 250
  • This is an all-in branding package, and it includes the designing of your logo, business cards, letterhead, flyer and shop front/banner. Printing is also available through us but not included.

Premium Branding

£ 500
  • This package offers more initial designs to choose from and more draft sessions. Giving you a chance to be involved in the creative process, so you get a hand in every detail. Printing discount available.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Tracking and Reporting

£ 25
  • Is your website achieving the desired results? How do you shape your next online marketing campaign? We can give you the information that you need to really understand who is using your website and what they are interested in. We also help you track your Google rankings across multiple keywords and service areas.

Value Package

£ 100
  • Do you want to rank on Google? We've got you covered. We use all that tracking and reporting data to highlight the keywords and competition that we need and need to overtake. We then work to create written and visual content that will appeal to search engines and users alike. We also try and get you quality links to promote your main pages.

Rapid Results Package

£ 300
  • Get results quickly with multiple links and a lot of copywriting. It's important when looking for rapid results that Google sophisticated algorithm doesn't mistake your site as spam. So we maintain diverse coverage, while also engaging social media. To keep things organic we base our strategy on looking for genuine traction with others.

Web design workflow

Step 1. Planning & Strategy

Face to face is key to getting the right information across. This is the most crucial step.

Step 2. Design & Draft

This is where your identity gets put onto a page ready for the world.

Step 3. Release & SEO

After approval, it becomes all about optimisation. Performance, responsiveness and Google aware.

Logo on mac


Bogged down with the lingo? We always try to explain things as easily as we can.

Search Engine Optimisation is all about getting found on search engines like Bing, Yahoo and of course Google. This process can be challenging because these companies are constantly changing the way they rank websites. But by understanding and implementing changes to keywords, content, traffic and links websites can perform better. Doing this well will  vastly improve the odds that the user will find you and visit your website! Check out our SEO page to go into more detail.

A content management system generally referred to as a CMS, is an online package that allows a range of functionality to websites. So that generally all kinds of users can make changes without the need of understanding code.

Though the initial set up can be more complicated than other types of websites. Once a platform and it’s templates have been constructed new items can be added in with some straightforward training and a login account.

A free Google service that allows website owners to see how people interact with their websites. It does this by collecting lots of data and statistics based on not only everything that gets clicked on but also information on the user as well.

So this tool allows webmasters to understand the location and devices of your potential customers and the buttons and pages they like interacting with the most.

In it’s simplest form the internet is only a collection of resources all linked together. People use these links to navigate around the world wide web.

Search engines have always used these links as a factor when considering the trustworthy nature of a website. One big change over the last decade has been the shift from search engines counting the number of links to a website to the quality of the links to a website.

Website content needs to serve two purposes, be understandable to search engines and helpful to users.

You might have a great picture or video but Google can’t see it and therefore no one will find it. Or you might write a very informative page with lots of keywords and explanation so Google ranks it well but your users find it boring. Therefore website content has to walk a balancing line between the two.

When used in regards to websites this refers to the term typed into a search engine. So two similar but different keywords would be ‘butchers’ or ‘butchers near me’

The aim of professional websites and their owners is to appeal to as many of these keywords as possible or to find the most searched keywords and to build a site around them. The reliance on specific keywords is changing due to Googles improvements in the semantic content analysis.

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