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Brand Discovery

Everyone knows that increasing brand awareness will increase sales. The more customers who know about you, the more customers you are likely to get through

Content words and letters

Content and Media

A phrase often used about websites over the last several years is ‘content is King’, which refers to Google’s desire for quality content and the

user experience

User Experience

The most important questions when it comes to deciding what needs to go into your website are: What does the user want? What do I

Free websites cost more

A free website it’s not very likely to rank well for relevant keywords and that, generally speaking, is a deal breaker. People will often say

what does seo ready mean

What does SEO Ready mean?

So what does SEO Ready mean? Is it needed? How important is it? ‘SEO ready’ and ‘SEO optimised’ is a hot topic when it comes

Online competition

Online Competitor Analysis

Online competitor analysis can often involve different businesses than you might be facing in the real-world competitors. As physically there may be two or three

Web design choices

Which website is right for you?

All websites big and small -Standard 5 page Our most common kind of site for a local business. Our standard 5-page site is similar to

New website

Why redesign my website?

Most businesses think they only need a new website if their current one looks old. This is the wrong way to think about your site.

Mobile phone using web site

Best mobile friendly websites

What makes a great mobile website? And whats the diffence anyway? Most businesses know the necessity of owning a cellular presence for their business. But