Charities should get the visibility they deserve!

But often can’t afford


Campaigns like the ice bucket challenge have shown how powerful the internet can be when its harnessed for a good cause.

Charities are often working with insufficient budgets which is why digital marketing is such a good choice. Building your brand online is easily the most cost-effective method of getting your message out to as many people as possible. Whether your goal is to recruit volunteers and staff, to find donations or merely to raise awareness, having a robust online presence, with a recognisable brand will make your campaign more effective.

For non-profit organisations google offer up to £8,000 of free advertising, MailChimp provides significant discounts to charities as do social sprout and Microsoft even offer free tools for non-profits that meet their eligibility criteria. With so many free and discounted resources available to charities, it would be madness to pass up the opportunity to build your brand online. Once you are up and running, it won’t take a significant amount of money to keep things fresh and ticking over.

Once you start building your brand online, you will find that your local supporters will more often sing your praises and point to your web presence. When you have an active Twitter account, an Instagram feed and a dynamic website, supporters of your charity will be happy to point their followers in your direction, which will further reinforce your brand and your presence. If you are easy to find online and you have something to offer when people do see you, they will stick around and be more likely to give you the support you need.

Online marketing is tailormade for charities; most businesses need to spend time and energy to ensure that they reach their target demographic, they don’t want to waste advertising on someone who will never buy what they are selling. For a charity, the target audience is anyone who will listen, so the more people you reach, the better, which means that the process of marketing online is, in fact, more straightforward than you might think.

Social media is a fantastic tool for charities. Due to the nature of social media where you are always updating with posts and pictures, charities have the perfect mechanism to celebrate the excellent work that they do. This means that for every good deed, every moment of joy created becomes a marketing opportunity, all it takes is a quick picture with a caption and hey presto good deeds shared with the world. All you need is to have one or two people responsible for each platform so that you can make the most of them and keep your message consistent.

The internet gives charities a tool to get right into people’s homes to share their message, once you build your brand, it will start to become part of the background of the internet, so that everyone is seeing it all the time. Your charity becomes part of everyone’s consciousness, and that is a powerful tool for influencing the actions of many people.

Let’s face it, we would all like to see the power of the internet used to make the world a better place.