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Free logo for local businesses*

With Logos, we aim for WOW!

A good, eye-catching and symbolic logo can represent your company and, if marketed correctly, can increase your brand visibility until consumers recognise you with no more than a glance. Good, solid design will offer simplicity and eloquence that combine to bring out the best in your brand, and to represent exactly what it is that you do. Your logo must be professional because a sloppy design hints at a sloppy business, it must be bold, memorable, instantly connect to your business and, above all else, it needs to catch the consumers eye. 

* We offer a free logo design service with any other purchase to businesses in Rhondda Cynon Taff, Merthyr and Brecon.

Why We Excel At Custom Designs


Critical to effective logo creation, we spend time to find or create the right typeface.


Logos need to be as distinctive as the businesses they represent.


Because we don't use templates, we're not limited to any particular style or idea.

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We spend time in discovery to truly understand you and your customers.


We believe in accessibility and accountability. That why we work exclusively for local business.


You own everything we produce, in any format you need.

Ready to get started?

Market Research

According to market research, after seeing your companies name or symbol at least seven times it sticks. We specialise in making sure that each and every one of your customers get a stamp that not only resonates with quality but your companies desired identity. We believe that takes effort and understanding. In firstly understanding what people expect of your sector and then to learn from its leaders, what it takes to build a brand there.

Online Experts

With an active team of dedicated web-design and online marketing experts, we believe in working face to face with our clients, and love to do this wherever possible. It is for this purpose that we prefer to work with Welsh organisations and keep our client base local. So if you are in need of an accurate and eye-catching logo for your Welsh business, we might be just the firm you are looking for! We think so.

Free Logo

We offer free Logo design with the purchase of any of our other web-design based services or as part of our larger branded packages. We believe that each company presents a unique aspect of their respective industries and we like to seek those unique selling points out and use them to help you capitalise. We also offer a professional, friendly and efficient service to our local community. What more could you ask for from a digital marketing company?

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It's all yours

When you buy your designs from us, you will receive your bespoke and unique products delivered straight to you and in every conceivable version that you could need. From letterhead to the logo, from Jpeg to Word, Slingshot has you covered. With our services, you will never need to go hunting for that missing file or folder because we will present it in an organised format that gives you full control from that point on.

Magnify your identity with Slingshot​

When you establish a firm online presence and begin to expand your online empire, you will want to reach as many people as you possibly can, and here at Slingshot Digital Marketing, we use our bespoke list of services to amplify and magnify that identity – within and without your industry or sector.


When you buy logo design from us, we will incorporate your companies identity into it so that your brand instantly recognisable with a mere glance and, once done, we will even help you to get it out there. We also offer SEO, web design and brand growth advice and services that could boost your traffic and maximise your brand’s exposure rating. With us you can even improve your Google ranking, making it easy as pie for new customers (and old customers) to find you!


We are reaching a technological age where the value of logo design represents a visual foundation of your brand. Think of all the large and successful companies that are out there. Starbucks, for example, has a very famous logo. McDonald’s is another -arguably the most famous in the world. Consider the difference between the two designs and how they amplify the companies they represent. We’ll tell your customers what to expect before they walk through the door.

Simple and Recognisable

When you buy from us, you will receive a simple design that is specifically aimed at being a symbol of your company ethos. What makes a brand so easily recognisable? At Slingshot, we dedicate ourselves to finding the most interesting, unique and perfected aspects of your company and we condense them down to one single design…a symbol that encompasses everything you are and all that you represent.

Every design is built from scratch

When you hire Slingshot to take care of your web design, SEO, ranking or logo design services you will receive a finished end product that is wholly original and one hundred percent unique. We do not duplicate our designs, and we hold ourselves to the same high standards that we continuously inspire our customers. If it isn’t one hundred percent original, then we won’t give it to you. If we didn’t design it doesn’t appear in our books and if we didn’t devise it will never be passed off as our own!

When you buy a design from us, it is yours, and you then own the rights to it. You may use your logo as you wish and at no point will we ever replicate it and pass it on to someone else. We are a thoroughly professional, premium quality service with over ten years of experience in our field. So trust us, we have plenty of ideas of our own without having to steal any!

Besides anything else, your logo will be an accurate representation of your business and your companies individual identity – all of which needs to be sculpted to fit you and your needs. With Slingshot Web Design and Digital Marketing, you need never worry about plagiarism, ever.



We believe in Face to Face. The difference between us a and hundreds of other companies and individuals you could be hiring is that we care about building a partnership not making a quick sale.

We hope to establish ourselves as your marketing department for however little or as much as you need.

And therefore it’s so important we get to understand how your business works and what you want to achieve with it.

Customer-led research

It is a known fact in marketing that customer-led research provides greater innovative moves than market-based analysis, but this is especially true of local businesses who deal with customers on a face to face level.

We look to help companies reach out to their existing or would be customers to remove the guesswork from the equation of branding. It does slow down the process, but it’s a step we recommend and will support you in.

Effective Competitor Analysis

You are unique, but your market probably isn’t. So firstly its important to realise what separates you from the pack. That can help focus in on a brand-able unique selling point (USP) element.

It’s also important to learn from the mistakes of others and to examine why others succeeded. This goes beyond local, and it can be hard to see the wood from the trees, but that is why we’re here.


Several prototypes for the brief​

Symbol Only

Next, we will take a few days to draw up a few options for you, so that you have an array of prototypes for the brief and a choice to make. We don’t believe our clients should be led into going with one option just because we say so – remember, with Slingshot you are the one in control.

Symbol & Text

When you buy your designs from us, you will receive your bespoke and unique products delivered straight to you and in every conceivable version that you could need. From letterhead to the logo, from Jpeg to Word, Slingshot has you covered. With our services, you will never need to go hunting for that missing file or folder because we will present it in an organised format that gives you full control from that point on.

Text Only

Instead, we will present you with several choices from which you may choose whichever design best meets your specifications. We will never force you to accept something you are not happy with, and we will never leave you hanging without an end product that is any less than perfect.

Customer Satisfaction

We pride ourselves on our customer service and believe that an unhappy customer is a job undone. The only way to remedy this? To never leave any of our customers less than delighted with our products. We are also a Cynon Valley based business that wants to build close parterships with other valleys entererprises, big and small. So whether you are located in RCT, Merthyr Tydfil, Gwent or even Brecon we want to be there for you whatever the challenge.

When you hire our dedicated digital marketing team for any project you will receive nothing but the most professional, thorough and well thought out designs from our focused and expert operatives. The customer is at the heart of all that we do, and if you are not happy then neither are we. We promise to work with you to change any designs you do not like and we will always present you with options so you are never short of choice. If you feel our designs don’t suit you – no problem! We’ll draw up some more until we find something you simply can’t resist!