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Reportage photography is also known as documentary photography and has its roots in photojournalism. It is a style of photography that captures a scene or event in the form of narrative expression. The idea is to encapsulate events, so they tell a sort of story and express the imagination of its audience.

Photographs taken in this format are more casual and portray characteristics rather than shooting in a specific pose. Reportage photography has become very popular at weddings, and the bride and groom shots are captured in a natural setting to create an open atmosphere. Sometimes captions are used for the images to make them more story-like.

To take great pictures, reportage photographers spend a lot of time familiarising themselves with the venue and familiarising themselves with the people who need capturing during an event. They also try to take pictures chronologically as the session progresses and take shots at different angles to make them look more interesting. They spend a lot of time in the background studying the entire scene to create meaningful images and produce a story-line for the photo album.



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The traditional style of photography is quickly getting replaced by reportage photography because it is so realistic and engaging. Many people hire reportage photographers for family celebrations, formal parties, fundraisers and essential gala events. The best thing about this style of photography is that you are never asked to pose or stand still for a picture. Reportage photographers continue to take photos while you are having a good time and capture the best moments of an event in a natural shot.


Lighting and backdrops are also crucial in reportage photography to take a perfect shot. Skill and experience go hand in hand in this kind of work, and photographers develop more techniques with time. It is almost an art which captures the raw expressions and emotions of a person behind the camera. Making reportage photography so fascinating because when people look back at those images, they feel like they are living the moment and recreating that particular time.

Reportage photography is an excellent form of visual storytelling. It is not only used for weddings and other events, but also in documentaries and films. It’s common during marketing events. Advertising agencies use reportage photography to design and sell their products. The most productive skill that a creative reportage photographer has is to predict unpredictable events. They have to visualise the shot before it happens and capture it at the right moment. That’s why many creative projects involve reportage photographers to develop compelling and moving images.

The reportage photographers also try to establish the relationship between different objects, and how they participate in a scene. Whether working with a product, capturing wildlife or attending an event, they try to visualise this relationship and bring it out in their pictures. The most appealing part of reportage photography is that it brings out the character of a person or object, and makes it stand out against the background. The image almost speaks for itself and brings the background story to life.